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"I shake my head and sip my beer, then look up just as a rather amazing babe with classic red hair leans over me.


Mo is striking. She's a good six feet tall, for starters. Strong features, high cheekbones, freckles, hair that looks like you could wrap it in insulation and run the national grid through it. She's got these big dangly silver earrings with glass eyeballs, and she's wearing combat pants, a plain white top, and a jacket that is so artfully casual that it probably costs more than I earn in a month. I can't estimate her age; early thirites? That would make her a real high-flyer. She catches me staring at her and stares back, challenging. [...] I get the feeling there's something of the Martian about her; a vast, unsympathetic intelligence from another world. I also get the feeling she doesn't suffer fools gladly."

-- Bob in The Atrocity Archive

Mo is an extremely good violinist, though the fact she could be a soloist in the Royal Philharmonic if she'd wanted to wasn't the major special ability here. Her violin, an Erich Zann creation, is a special ability by itself. Made entirely of human bones put through magic to feel and resonate like (admittedly bone-white; the entire violin is white) wood, this acoustic-electric musical instrument is also a vessel of sorcery. There's a sticker on its case (which serves double as portable speakers) that reads THIS MACHINE KILLS DEMONS; it's not an exaggeration. Canonically we've seen Mo play several demonic creatures to death, as well as play a Song of Unbinding that destroys a bunch of incantations, frees an agent from a ride-along demon, and undoes a destiny-entanglement, all in a matter of seconds.

Once, she was a career philosopher working a comfy tenured position at UCSC. Then she stumbled onto something a little -- shall we say -- complicated -- and, if you ask her, not worth going into. Now, she's a combat epistemologist, working essentially as the sterotypical Badass Secret Agent, for the Laundry, the United Kingdom's Extremely Secret Service.

She's married to Bob Howard ([personal profile] laundered), but doesn't always wear anything demonstrating such in order to protect him. Unless otherwise specified, assume she isn't wearing a ring.

Dominique "Mo" O'Brien is from Charles Stross' Laundry book series, and is property of Mr. Stross. The PB is Allison Sudol, and is property of herself. They appear for the purposes of roleplaying in a private storyline and [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made. If you need to get in contact with her player for whatever reason, there is a sticky-post here!

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